Join the Rally…and Trade!

Join the Rally…and Trade!

See how to make money “Wall Street” style in a live, bare knuckles trading session!
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Tuesday Morning at 10am Eastern Time
(It’s recorded in case you miss the session. Register for replay link.)
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If You Want To Trade Like the Best?

You have to learn from the best!

(It’s recorded in case you
miss the session.
Register for replay link.)

A trading rally gives a peak into a live trading session where you can learn how to navigate the market by watching a professional make the moves – for good or for bad – and in real time.

  • Learn the Strategies the Pro’s Use
  • Grow Your Experience in the Market
  • See How to Apply What You Learn

Get Street Smart, Not Just Book Smart!

Learn the Strategies

Every trading session presents new opportunities to learn different strategies and how to apply them in the market.

Grow Your Experience

Experience is important for successful trading, and you can gain valuable experience simply by watching others trade!

Develop Your Skill

As you watch how trades are being managed, you will learn how to make adjustments and moves that can improve your skills in the market.

Make it Your Own

The secrets to success are shared in every session so you can go back and start practicing on your own!

What our customers are saying:

We traded for the team!

On the trading pitch with Iowa Western’s Coach Sanchez and the entire Iowa Western’s Women’s Soccer team, Shawn presented the team with $1477.47 in profits from the 65 minute trading rally.

– A. Sanchez // Soccer Coach, Iowa Western

On the Banks of the Boise River!

You can trade anywhere… even on the tailgate of a pickup truck along the banks of the Boise River, where Guest Trader, Gary, reeled in $1,113.96 in profit before the fish started biting!

The main event in Georgia!

Guest Trader, Kimla, braved the crowd in this trading rally to take the hot seat on the main stage of the trading summit! But the crowd didn’t daunt her as she pulled out $1397.15 in this trading session… Not bad for her first time trading!

Shawn Lucas // Trader, Fund Manager

Fund manager and trader, Shawn Lucas has built a trading organization that transforms normal, everyday people into Wall Street money machines!

Shawn Lucas

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