Rally and Trade (Recurring)

From: May 29, 2023 1:50 am
To: May 9, 2023 2:00 pm
Webinar recurrence: Every week on Tuesday at 10:00
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Join us for a jam-packed trading session with legendary trader Shawn Lucas. For the best possible experience, please use the Zoom App.
Shawn Lucas

Legendary trader, Shawn Lucas, designed this program to help you discover what it takes to achieve financial freedom through trading with daily courses, live trading events, strategy guides, and so much more!


“One of the best takeaways from our meetings has been the discussion on the banking system. I was able to move some of my savings into a decentralized bank and instead of making 0.1% return on my savings, I am making 9% return. Like you said, it’s nice to get in front of inflation instead of falling further and further behind it.”


“I really liked how you outline the digital economy. I have never seen it like that. I’ve started investing in some of the company’s we discussed as part of that discussion and have already 3x my returns. Thank you for leading such a great community!”


“My favorite discussions was when we talked about how databases rule our world and how vulnerable we are to database corruption and hacking. Like a lot of people, I had always thought bitcoin was big deal because its a good investment and is making people a lot of money, but now I can see that it’s really the blockchain and how it protects and manages data that makes it a really big deal.”